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What We Do

We support schools as they partner with families by providing parent coaching and staff professional development.

Working Mom

We build educators and families collective capacity to see and value each other, and work cooperatively to meet the needs of our magnificent learners.

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Teaching, learning, and family engagement can be integrated expressions of justice for all learners and their families.

How We Can Support Your School and Families

Co-Teachers for Your Families

Parents can opt into 1-1 support from

Co-Teachers. Increase your school's capacity to support families. Our team of experts will provide personalized, just-in-time coaching to families.

While parents feel more connected to their children's day to day learning (67%), only a third (33%) report having regular access to teachers.

Expert Help

Enhanced at-home learning

Professional Development

Close the loop between home and school

Professional Development for School Leaders and Staff

Online, customizable professional development to help your school, district or CMO engage all families. School-based coaching is available for school leaders and family engagement teams.

Sample sessions include:

  • Family Co-Teaching: Communicating Academic Expectations

  • Home-School Connection and Communication

  • Nurturing and Sustaining Motivation and Engagement

  • Family Math Co-Teachers

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Support for PTOs and Family Engagement Leaders/Parent Coordinators

Co-Teach supports Parent Teacher Organizations and works alongside Parent Coordinators and Family Liaisons to enhance school-home partnership.

93% of school-age children have engaged in distance learning. Families are looking for opportunities to engage even more deeply.

Family Engagement

Strengthen school-home connections

How 1-1 Parent Coaching Works

Assessment Call

  • We will get to know you and your family engagement needs and concerns

Team of Co-Teachers

  • We will pair your organization with a team of Co-Teachers based on an assessment of your parents' needs and the Co-Teachers’ expertise

  • We will train the Co-Teachers on your school's vision and goals 


  • Your parents will signup on our website and meet their Co-Teacher

  • Co-Teachers and families will co-create a plan tailored to each parent’s needs

  • Your parents can engage with their Co-Teacher via phone and video and have access to 24/7 chat

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Working with Our Co-Teachers Your Families Will Gain


The Co-Teacher will help your families gain greater insights into their learners, what they need to learn, and how to help them. The Co-Teacher will help your families overcome challenges, explore opportunities, and enhance learning!


Your families will learn quick and meaningful ways to support their learner from home.  The Co-Teachers will curate tools and resources and help your families create a plan to make at-home learning more enjoyable and effective.


Each family will have a relationship with a coach who knows them and their learner. Your families will have access to ongoing support via messaging, chat, or live video.

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How We Can Support Your Families

Set-up goals and monitor progress

Help families teach and use strategies for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and soft-skills

Set-up at-home learning environment

Support learners with special needs or content challenges

Design enrichment activities

Make at-home learning fun