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Distance Learning

Children are extraordinary learners and everyday you're doing some meaningful at-home learning!


Your Co-Teacher will administer personalized assessment tasks and review your learner's work to provide greater insights into your learner, what they need to learn, and how to help them. Your Co-Teacher will help you overcome challenges, explore opportunities, and enhance learning!

Working with Our Co-Teachers You'll Gain


You'll have a relationship with a coach who knows you and your learner. You will have access to ongoing support via messaging, chat, or live video.

You'll learn quick and meaningful ways to support your learner from home.  Your Co-Teacher will curate tools and resources and help you create a plan to make at-home learning more enjoyable and effective.


Take the Next Steps

Step 1


During a free consultation call we'll learn more about you, your learner, and your goals.  We’ll share options for how we can help and you can select the level of service that meets your needs. 

Step 2


 You'll be matched with an expert Co-Teacher. You and your co-teacher will design a plan to address at-home learning for our family.

Your Co-Teacher will administer brief content-focused interviews and tasks to assess your learner if you would like to address a specific content area. 

Step 3


You and your Co-Teacher will  review your family's "Learning at-home Action Plan" and begin taking steps to making at-home learning less stressful and more effective for you.

You'll be supported as you implement your plan and learn at-home every step of the way. Through text, video, and voice messaging you'll have access to ongoing encouragement, help, direction, and expertise.

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Trained and experienced teachers ready to help you.

All Co-Teachers are experienced educators, with specialties ranging from

pre-reading to Algebra.  We are also parents and caregivers who know the unique challenges of nurturing learners from home.  No matter where you are located our network of co-teachers will give you professional, personalized guidance to help you help your child. 

"Lysa is helping me build my child's executive functioning skills so they can make good choices when it comes to their learning.  This is making working from home while helping them a lot more doable. "

Written by Kendrick in MD

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