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What We Do

We help organizations provide parent coaching as an employee benefit to help working parents manage the challenges of at-home learning, so that they can thrive in their work and family life.

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Over 40% of parents working from home said it was a "major challenge" to balance doing their job while helping their kids with school, and over 60% of women have left the workforce to take on at-home learning duties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are here to change that, and help families navigate this new era of work-life integration.

We Co-Teach with Parents.

Our Co-Teachers provide families with just in time support. An experienced Co-Teacher will share personalized strategies, tools, and expert advice to ensure learner success in remote, hybrid, homeschooling and/or in-class learning environments.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Parents receiving Co-Teach services say Co-Teach helps them be more productive at work while also attending to their learner's needs.

One-third of working parents do not have childcare right now.

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Drive a Positive Work Culture

Parents receiving Co-Teach services report appreciating Lunch & Learns and other opportunities to be in touch with colleagues and share successes and problem solve around at-home learning challenges.

46% of women and 31% of men said they feel like worse employees due to at-home duties.

Boost Company Satisfaction

Parents receiving Co-Teach services say being given Co-Teach support makes them feel seen and cared for as a parent employee.

63% of women and 51% of men said that they wanted their employer to normalize empathy and patience for working parents.

How It Works

Assessment Call

  • We will get to know you and your employees’ initial needs and concern

Team of Co-Teachers

  • We will pair your organization with a team of Co-Teachers based on an assessment of your parents' needs and the Co-Teachers’ expertise

  • We will train the Co-Teachers on your company norms and expectations


  • Your parents will signup on our website and meet their Co-Teacher

  • Co-Teachers will create a plan tailored to each parent’s needs

  • Your parents can engage with their Co-Teacher via phone and video and have access to 24/7 chat

We will provide NPS scores and other aggregate data on parent feedback about the service.

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We Support Learners Across Contexts


Learners are taught at home, full-time, by parents.

Happy Childhood

Hybrid Learning

Learners are officially enrolled in a public, private, or charter school. Learners participate in both in-person and virtual or homeschool instruction.

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Remote Learning

Learners are officially enrolled in a public, private, or charter school. Learners participate in virtual instruction only.

Doing Homework

In-Person Learning

Learners are officially enrolled in a public, private, or charter school and engage in-person instruction every day. 

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Working with Our Co-Teachers Your Employees Will Gain


The Co-Teacher will help your employees gain greater insights into their learners, what they need to learn, and how to help them. The Co-Teacher will help your employees overcome challenges, explore opportunities, and enhance learning!


Your employees will learn quick and meaningful ways to support their learner from home.  The Co-Teachers will curate tools and resources and help your employees create a plan to make at-home learning more enjoyable and effective.


Each employee will have a relationship with a coach who knows your employee and his/her learner. Your employees will have access to ongoing support via messaging, chat, or live video.

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How We Can Support Your Employees

Set-up daily schedules and routines

Implement curriculum tools and strategies for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Set-up learning stations

Support learners with special needs

Design engaging project-based lessons

Make at-home learning fun

"Lysa is helping me build my child's executive functioning skills so they can make good choices when it comes to their learning.  This is making working from home while helping them a lot more doable. "

Written by Kendrick in MD