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At-Home Learning Activities and Resources

Here are some FREE at-home learning activities and resources created by our

Co-Teachers that you can use to fill in gaps or give your learner the challenge they need. Just click on the pictures to download.

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Educational Toys
6 Math Tasks to Strengthen Counting On.p

Here are six activities to support Kindergarten-2nd grade learners "counting" or "counting-on,  and adding and subtracting.  Practice with these basic skills will help your learner be quicker, more efficient, and accurate when solving addition and subtraction problems. 

Reading Lists.png

Check out our advice page for a blog post that goes along with this helpful resource.  This reading list is a great starting point if you are looking for some texts that have black boys and black men as main characters.

120 Chart Intro.png

Here's a handy tool, a 120 chart,  to help you as you're counting on, and practicing adding and subtracting.  

Short Vowel Sound Bingo.png

A fun BINGO game to practice short vowel sounds.

Math Fluency Card Intro .png

When you want to engage your child in some tech-free time or you're in the mood to challenge your child in a learning game all you need is a deck of cards!

Multiplication Chart (1).png

Here's a multiplication chart you can print out to keep track of the facts your learner memorizes!  Make their learning visible to remind them of their progress and to help them prioritize next steps.

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