What to do when you're trying to support your learner, but feel like giving up.

A couple months ago when I tried to start my car and it wouldn’t start, having never changed a car battery in my life, I figured that I would just do it. I did a little research to figure out the tools I’d need and the process, then went to the store and bought a battery, a socket wrench, some gloves, and a couple other things. I drove home ready. And after an hour or so of trying, which included getting my husband (who’d also never changed a car battery) to try to help...I had come to an impasse. Just as I was about to try to jump start the car and drive it to a mechanic to have them change the battery, my husband said that he’d called a friend, and that friend of ours would help us change the battery. With a coach’s insights, a socket wrench extender (strategy) and a few tips (options), I had a working car with a brand new battery. And I had the know-how necessary to change batteries in the future!

At-home learning can sometimes feel like this. As a parent/caregiver you may be looking around at your situation and you have all the right tools, you kinda know what the challenge is you’re looking to solve- but things are not working. And every moment that passes you feel more stuck, frustrated, and ready to find someone to do it for you. But more often than not, you’re closer than you realize to overcoming the challenge in front of you. All it takes is a coach, a strategy, and some options, so support can be customized for you and your learner, and not only will you be able to overcome your challenges, but YOU will have done it. And your confidence, abilities, and connection with your learner will all grow in the process.