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Helping your learner get past, "I'm not good at Math."

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

How many times have you heard your learner say, “I’m just not good at math?” As a teacher, I heard it all too often! While it can be frustrating to watch and try to work with a leaner who has accepted the idea of just not being good at something, take heart!

Take heart because:

* Cognitive scientists have shown, that people aren't born with or without a

mind for math, that's not how our brains work.

* Your learner is infinitely capable of learning.

* Mindset has a major impact on your learner's ability to understand math.

* There are quick and simple ways that you can help your learners change their

mindsets and move closer to mathematical achievements they thought were

beyond them.

Here are three things you can do!