Thanks again for sharing information about yourself and your family during the consultation call.

We are so happy that participating in our Co-Teach Pilot is a great fit for your needs.

If you haven't been introduced already, check you email for information about the Co-Teacher with whom you've been matched.

Press Book Now in the square below in order to schedule your planning session.

The planning session is your official kick-off to support.


(And we apologize in advance that the button link below says $120/hour. As part of the pilot the $120 is for the next two months per our conversation!)

What can you expect?

Each month of Co-Teach Service includes:

- One planning session (up to 50 minutes)

- Unlimited text/email

- Co-Teacher administered content assessments for your child(ren), if you'd like (up to 30 minutes)

- Weekly phone or video check-ins (up to 30 minutes) 

How do I talk to my Co-Teacher?
How and how much you choose to communicate with your Co-Teacher is totally up to you. Your Co-Teacher will reach out at least once a week, but you can text/email them as much as you need!  Co-Teachers will usually respond within a few hours, depending on when you reach out, but will definitely reply within 24 hours.  Also, you can schedule a weekly 30-min phone or video check-in with your Co-Teacher.  Your Co-Teacher will provide Google Meet or Zoom information for those weekly check-ins.  

How much will it cost?

$120/month, which includes a free bonus month. This price is only for participation in the pilot, which includes agreeing to give feedback and share your experiences.   We are so excited to work with you to make parents and caregivers' experiences with Co-Teach great.