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Our coaches are both seasoned educators and parents with experience working with students from all subjects and grade levels. 

Selection Process

All of our Co-teachers are current or former licensed, trained, and experienced, classroom teachers, adjunct college professors, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), speech language pathologists (SLP), and reading and math specialists. Each Co-Teacher educator and specialist is an accomplished professional in their area, with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.


Educators and specialists who work with families as independent contractors demonstrate expertise in the three main Co-Teach Competencies:

  • At-Home Teaching, Learning, Structures and Routines 

  • PreK-12 Development/Pedagogy

  • PreK-12 Content/Academic Standards

On-going Support

Co-Teachers participate in a rigorous Co-Teach onboarding process and receive ongoing support to equip them to meet a range of families’ needs in a virtual and timely manner.

Join us in supporting parents and caregivers in educating their learners

Partner with parents and caregivers

Share passion for teaching and learning

Supplemental Income with Purpose

Work Flexibility

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