Frequently asked questions

What is Co-Teach?

Co-Teach is a provider of coaching for parents and caregivers. We partner with schools and systems to provide strategy, coaching, and 1-1 support to families to enable the immediate and long term commitment to family-school partnership. Co-Teach provides families direct access to support and expertise from educators and related specialists (special educators, math/reading specialists, speech pathologists, etc.) to help families support their magnificent learners.

Why Co-Teach?

Families want their children to thrive; educators are knowledgeable and experienced in helping children thrive and grow. So we decided to connect families and educators, but in a way that’s driven by families and their needs, vision, and questions. Greater access to awesome educators can help families overcome challenges, minimize stress, and enhance connection as children learn and grow. Our mission is to make personal, expert support and coaching accessible to parents and caregivers.

Who is Co-Teach for?

Co-Teach is for anyone who is supporting an early childhood through middle school age learner (4-13). Families have used Co-Teach: (1) to help them execute homeschooling and/or virtual learning (2) as a resource for the person (tutor, grandparent, babysitter, etc.) who’ll be working closely with their child during the day, and (3) to provide supplemental instruction for their children. Schools have used Co-Teach: (1) as a support to famiies (2) to help them develop comprehensive family engagement plans (3) for professional development for their teachers Busineses have used Co-Teach: (1) As a benefit to help their working parents

Can a Co-Teacher substitute for a teacher?

No. As the parent, caregiver, or person who facilitates at-home learning, the Co-teacher is a parent's teammate, helping them advance learning for their child. **Please note that a Co-teacher can not make an official diagnosis, fulfill any court order, or prescribe medication. However, select Co-Teachers can help families make progress towards IEP goals through at-home learning practices.

Who will be helping families?

Co-Teach educators are experienced, current and former classroom teachers, adjunct college professors, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), speech language pathologists (SLP), and reading and math specialists. Each Co-Teach educator and specialist is an accomplished professional in their area, with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience. Educators and specialists who work with families as independent contractors, have participated in a rigorous Co-Teach onboarding process to equip them to meet a range of families’ needs in a virtual and timely manner. These educators are not employees of Co-Teach and the site does not manage them professionally.

How many sessions do parents get with a Co-Teacher?

Parents are not limited in the number of messages they can send to their Co-Teacher. Families are welcome to take advantage of up to four check-ins, each month.

I am an experienced educator. How can I support families as a CoTeacher?

Please start the application process by clicking here.

What can Co-Teach support look like?

Co-Teaching Support can be messaging, live chat sessions, live phone sessions, and live video sessions. Parents will have a dedicated private and secure chat to communicate with their Co-Teacher. The chat is available 24/7 from any internet-connected device, wherever you are. You can write what is going on with you and/or your learner, ask questions, discuss specific learning challenges or misconceptions or any other issues. The Co-Teacher will reply back with feedback, insights, and guidance about the issues that hold parents back and prepare them to move their learners forward. This ongoing one-on-one dialog is the basis of the work with the Co-Teacher. Parents also have the ability to schedule a video session or conference call with their Co-Teacher.