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Lo Nigrosh

Lo Nigrosh


Hi, my name is Lo Nigrosh. I'm so happy that you’re exploring Co-Teach as a support for you and your learner and I hope you decide to work with us!

I have 10 years of teaching experience in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. In addition to my in-school experience, I worked for a national organization that trained school leaders and teachers in understanding the standards and improved standards-based instruction. Additionally, I have been homeschooling (even before the current crisis) and have spent a lot of time diving into research and best practices related to at-home learning.

As your Co-Teacher, my main goal is to reduce stress and increase harmony as you and your children are working and learning from home. I am looking forward to offering my deep knowledge of standards and my understanding of how learning best happens and pairing that with your deep understanding of your at-home learners to improve outcomes for your children.
Most importantly, I aim to be flexible and dependable as you navigate at-home learning. I am looking forward to helping you find the tools and resources needed to make this time less stressful for you and more effective and joyful for your learners. So whether that is online tools that help with scheduling or enrichment math resources, I want to work with you to make the most of this time with your children at home.

Teaching experience

10+ years, Grade K-10


Project-based learning, Child-led learning, Homeschooling, Spanish

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