Socialization and Safety

We've talked to a lot of families and those two words come up a lot!  Parents and caregivers want their children to be safe and they want them to have the interaction with their friends that they missing.  

In select cities, an in person co-teacher will come to your neighborhood/subdivision/street and host a socially distant lesson for a small group of learners.  

Current Classes Include:

  • Physical Education (Nashville, TN)

(Classes are being added on a rolling basis!)

For the safety of your learners and our co-teachers:

-  All class participants will live within a 5-mile radius.

- Class will be arranged in cohorts of less than ten.  Once the class begins, no new students will be accepted for the duration of the session.

- The co-teacher will wear protective coverings as well as use hand-sanitizer.

- Temperatures will be checked at the beginning of each class.

- All classes will be held outside.

Please take a few moments to let us know what you need.  We'll be in touch as more classes are added near you!