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Empowered Employees

are Good

for Business


of parents with children younger than 18, report being a working

parent makes it harder for them to be a good parent. 


of parents working from home said it was a "major challenge" to balance doing their job while helping their kids with school.


of families feel that their child will fall behind on their education with only online instruction.


of American parents think it is unsafe to send their children back to school given the risks of the novel coronavirus and favor holding school at least partly online, 

Doing Homework
For parents and caregivers, their child's education is a top priority.  At Co-Teach, we help you take care of your families so they can take care of your customers and partners and your company sees more value from their family benefits investments.

Co-Teach Can Help

Increase Employee Engagement

Parents receiving Co-Teach services say

Co-Teach helps them be more productive at work while also attending to their learner's needs.

Support a Positive Work Culture

Parents receiving Co-Teach services report appreciating Lunch & Learns and other opportunities to be in touch with colleagues and share successes and problem solve around at-home learning challenges.

Boost Company Satisfaction

Parents receiving Co-Teach services say being given Co-Teach support makes them feel seen and cared for as a parent employee.

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Success Stories

Working Mom

Tony, Father of 1 

The time in these sessions has been so valuable!  I loved the wisdom and all the tactical ideas of handling at-home learning, from curriculum, to schedules, to activities.

Little Girl Reading in Bed

Kat, Mom of 4

Working with Gretchen has been amazing.  She is such a great resource.  Highly recommend.

Surprising Dad

Hillary, Mother of 2

... my needs were prioritized in a way I wasn't expecting. Thank you so much, I truly cannot say it enough. You gave me guidance where I had none, and it is SO very appreciated!!!



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Co-Teach works alongside caregivers and families, the organizations that employ them, and the schools that partner with them, providing support and coaching to enhance at-home learning.


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